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Napa Valley Hauling is a locally owned business, established in 2012, serving Napa, Sonoma, and Solano Counties. We take great pride in customer satisfaction, and are committed to providing convenient junk removal and hauling services with compassion and care. Our team is dedicated to operating with a high level of professionalism and at an affordable rate.

We get it. Getting rid of old stuff can be a hassle. Whether you are preparing to sell a property, looking to clear your home of old junk, or seeking help with cleanup during home renovations, we have you covered. From old furniture, to hot tubs, yard waste, appliances, and even scrap metal, we will do the heavy lifting and the hauling, so that you don’t have to stress about it.

We even offer commercial services! If you own a construction company looking to have junk removed or debris cleaned up, then Napa Valley Hauling is here to serve you.

When it comes to taking care of the trash, the clutter, or the junk—look no further North Bay, you have a reliable and affordable partner in NVH. Our company is a Top Rated Local® junk hauling company, and our team is always striving to build on our strong reputation as efficient and eco-friendly professionals.

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About The Owner

Chris Babcock is a family man that enjoys and cherishes time spent with loved ones and friends. He started his professional career in the restaurant business, where he learned the importance of providing excellent service.

Chris’s mentor is his grandmother. She worked for Golden Gate Transit for many years until retirement. Through years of accompanying his grandmother, Chris watched and observed his grandmother’s kindness with everybody, whether it was customers or coworkers. He recalls how she would speak with a kind tone and truly listen with an open heart, because she really cared. Chris has type of authenticity centered at his core and it transcends into every part of his life and his business.

Our Mission

At Napa Valley Hauling, we take pride in providing quality and reliable junk removal and hauling services to our customers, priced at an affordable rate. We also believe in upholding environmentally friendly practices because we care about the planet and the future generations to come.

Sometimes you are faced with a situation in which there is just “too much” be it junk or debris. Your dumpster might be filled to the brim, or maybe you don’t have a way to get your haul to a recycling center. Times like these can be frustrating, especially if you hoped to clean a space and transform it into an area you can use. When cleaning efforts leave you with “too much,” it is time to call for help.

Let us take it from there. No matter if it is a residence or a place of business, we will load up and remove the piles in your space and help you make it an area that you can utilize once again. The best part?  You can rest assured that the job will be done right, and at a competitive price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if or when you feel like our services could benefit you. We will always provide a free estimate and our team is excited to work with you to help you improve your space in a way that helps the environment. Give us a call or schedule your pickup online to discover what makes us unique!

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